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Clients of our APEX Accelerator
Assistance Center get:

One-on-One Counseling

Get no-cost access to a trusted gov. marketing advisor. Ofrecemos consultas en Español también.

Invited to Workshops & Events

Attend instructor-led workshops delivered in-person and virtually.

Access to BidMatch

Get the latest bid opportunities straight to your inbox.

And more!

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Are You Procurement-ready?

Before you can do business with any level of government, you must complete certain tasks, register in specific databases and procurement sites, and have a strong marketing plan. Contact us to learn how you can become procurement-ready!

Disclaimer: Being “procurement-ready” does not mean you will get contracts.

Follow our "Blueprint" For success

Our accelerator has adapted a “Blueprint for Success” that outlines the roadmap your should take to to reach its full potential in the government contracting marketplace. Each step has requirements and recommendations, but every company is different:

  • Phase 1: Preperation
  • Phase 2: Develop a Gov. Marketing Plan
  • Phase 3: Execute the Marketing Plan & Access/Develop Operations

Contact us to walk through the full Blueprint of Success!

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Beware of Fee-Based Services

BE AWARE: You DO NOT have to pay to get government contracting assistance, register in databases, etc. Fee-based services charge to do the same things you can do for free or with the help of your APEX. Use these services at your own discretion.

Our Host Partners

Universities that help support the SEPA APEX Accelerator


Learn about the Southeast PA APEX and what you need to do to work with the government.

Before deciding to work with the government, you must first determine if it’s right for you, and your local APEX can help. Visit our “Roadmap to Success” page to learn more about the steps you should take. Then become a client so we can walk you through the process with ease.

APEX Accelerators are Dept. of Defense-funded programs that assists businesses of all sizes with their government contracting needs. There are currently over 90 centers across the nation and U.S. territories.

APEX provides an array of services that include private one-on-one counseling sessions plus webinars and events. Visit our Services page to get the full scope of how we can help you.

APEX Accelerators cannot assist with non-government contracting related inquiries. Visit our Services page to get the full scope of services we cannot provide.

Our services are FREE! There may be a couple instances where a nominal fee may be required (such as an in-person event).

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